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Summary of  Past Programs

2016.2017 RMHRPS Program Year 

Sep 14

Member Appreciation Event – Acoma Luxury Apartments

Oct 20

Start With Why: Peter Docker, Simon Sinek

Dec 1

Doing the Right things Right – Laura Stack

Feb 2

Transforming Performance Management – Lori Wisper WTW

March 9

The Futurist Leader – Yvette Salvatico

April 6

Honing Your Pitch, Be Story Driven – Michael Collins

May 11

How Facebook Built a High Performing Organization – Stuart Crabb

2015.2016 RMHRPS Program Year 

Sept 17

Member Appreciation Event – 1261 Gallery

Oct 12

Delivering Happiness – Sunny Grosso

Nov 12

Science of Successful Org Change – Paul Gibbons

Dec 10

Activate Your Brain – Scott Halford

Feb 18

From Now To Next – Jason Averbook

March 10

Tool Time: Culture & Engagement, CMA, CultureAmp, Pinsight, RoundPegg

April 21

Implications of Digital Media – WTW & WEF Study – Ravin Jesuthasen

May 10

Artistry of Leadership – Kevin Asbjornson

June 2

Beyond Critical Thinking (VUCCA) – Lynn Pollard

2014.2015 RMHRPS Program Year 

Sept 17

The Purpose Economy: Aaron Hurst

Oct 16

Tool Time - What’s New, What’s Hot, What Works:  Dennison Culture Assessment, Insight Assessment, Energy Leadership Index, KAPTA, OptForce, OPTM360

Nov 6

TW Global Rewards Study: Julie Gebauer, Towers Watson

Dec 11

HP: Solving Three Talent Management Conundrums: Mike Herron, HP

Feb 12

True Alignment: Linking Company Culture with Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results: Edgar Papke

March 12

Lessons of Neuroscience in the Workplace: Sophia Kristjansson

April 16

Becoming a Generational Genius: Tasha Eurich, Ph.D.

May 14

Secrets to Building a Personal Network w Influential People: Jay Allen, CXO

2013.2014 RMHRPS Program Year

Sept 10

It Takes A Village - DaVita: Kent Thiry

Oct 16

Workforce 20/20: Devin Fidler, Institute for the Future

Nov 21

Manager Redefined: Tom Davenport, Ph.D., Towers Watson

Dec 5

Strategic Performance Management: Beyond Appraisals : Bill Schiemann

Feb 6

The New World of Talent: Julie Gebauer, Towers Watson

March 31

Give and Take: Adam Grant

April 24

Change Management: Kate Hyatt, Justin Wassermann (Kotter)

May 8

Mindfulness: Jeremy Hunter

June 12

Member Appreciation Event at Blanc

2012.2013 RMHRPS Program Year

Sept 20

Trends & Truths: Issues Shaping the Future of Work: Mary O'Hara-Deveraux, Ph.D.

Oct 18

What Will It Take to Drive Strong Workforce Performance in a Volatile Global Environment? Jamie Hale, Towers Watson

Nov 13

A View from Above - NW Corridor Panel: Robin Kane, moderator, State of CO Demographer, Boulder CO Transportation Director, Broomfield Economic Development Corp.

Dec 6

It Pays to Be Good: Laurie Bassi

Feb 12/13

Data Coaching: The Cure for HR Data Analysis Paralysis: Theresa Welborne, PhD

March 21

The Changing World of Work: Implications for Leadership Development: Mara Swan, Manpower

April 14-17

HRPS Global Conference in Denver, CO

May 14

How to Make Better Choices in Life & Work: Chip Heath

June 13

Member Appreciation Event at DaVita Rooftop

2011.2012 RMHRPS Program Year

Sept 15

Building Your Organization Google Style: Shannon Deegan

Nov 10

One Page Talent Management: Marc Effron

Dec 8

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch: Curt Coffman

Feb 28

How Social Media is Being Used to Attract Talent: Adam Wootton, Towers Watson

March 11

Journey to Business Transformation - Yamaha: Brian Wilkerson & Yamaha

April 27

Understanding Neuroscience to Improve Employee Performance & Transform the Workplace: Scott Halford

May 10

Competency Models: A Boon or Bane: DDI, CH2M HILL, Level 3, Western Union

June 14

Member Appreciation Event at Rhino Gallery

2010.2011 RMHRPS Program Year

Sept 30

Investing in People: Wayne Cascio

Nov 4

The Neuroscience of Leadership! It's all about our Brains: Scott Halford

Dec 3

The Globalization of Talent: Anne Marie Neal, Cisco

Jan 12

Leadership Renewal Day: Executive Forum

Feb 8

Employee Engagement: Julie Gebauer, Towers Watson with Panelists: Vail, Rose Medical Center, CH2M Hill, Molson Coors

Feb 24

Ascending the Peak: The Adventure of Leadership: Jeff Evans

March 10

Tool Time: HR & OD Tools: Gallup Q10, Grote, Root Learning, Skill Survey, Org Climate Survey, SuccessFactors, Perceptyx

April 27

New Stuff Made Useful - HR & Innovation at Sypder & Integer

May 4

Appreciation Event at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

2009.2010 RMHRPS Program Year

Sept 24

Tune Up Your HR Career: Molly McCoy, Jeff Rosenthal, Eric Pringle

Oct 13

Reinventing Talent Management: William Schiemann

Nov 12

Leader as the Hope Bringer: Greg Dedrick, KFC

Jan 20

Leadership Renewal: Executive Forum

Feb 12

Tool Time - Evaluating Assessment Tools: CH2M Hill, Arrow, Staples, CSG Systems, WOW!

March 3

CEO Panel: Western Union, Chuck Latham & Assoc., Deep Rock

April 29

Resilience - Build a Culture that Thrives on Change: Executive Forum

May 10

VOE at DU - Speed of Trust: Stephen Covey

June 15

Member Appreciation at Citizen Pictures

2008.2009 RMHRPS Program Year

Sept 22

Transparency: Leaders Create Culture: Jim O'Toole, Daniels Distinguished Professor of Business Ethics

Oct 2

Sustainability: Bud Ahearn, CH2M Hill, David Westerlund, Ball Corp

Nov 7

Linking Business Growth to HR Practices: Mark Huselid & CEO Panel: Rob Katz, Vail Resorts, Kevin Ruddy, Noodles, Colleen Abdullah, WOW!

Jan 15

Get & Keep the Right People - Watson Wyatt Best Practices: Brian Wilkerson & Laury Sejen

Feb 12

VOE at DU Sustainable Business Development: RFK Jr.

March 19

Strategic Talent Management: Peter Capelli

 May 13

Member Appreciation Party at Molson/Coors - Marilyn Maslin (Social Networking)

2007.2008 RMHRPS Program Year

Sept 14

Nuts and Bolts of Strategic Leadership: Kate Beatty

Nov 12

Ethical Conduct (invite only): Steve Harrison, Worldwide Chief Compliance & HR Officer at Adecco

Nov 15

Legacy you Live is the Legacy you Leave: Webinar Jim Kouzes

Dec 6

Coaching Across Generations: Bobbi Little, Director of Worldwide Coaching Services, PDI

Jan 15

Organization Design: New Essential HR: Webinar Jay Galbraith & Amy Kates

Feb 22

Talentship: Decision Science: John Boudreau

March 14

Succession Planning: Pat Pinto

April 22

CEO And Leadership Survey/LHH & CEO Panel: JD Johnson, Norgren; Paula Kruger, Qwest; Gary Rodgers, Copper Mountain/Intrawest; David Kikumoto, Denver Management Advisors

May 16

Member Appreciation Party at Botanic Gardens - CBCA presentation

2006.2007 RMHRPS Program Year

Sept 13

Challenge of Future Forecasting: Rose Baker, David Passmore

Oct 18

Top HR Pros Panel/Best Practices: David Westerland, SVP Administration, Ball Corp and Vonda Mills, VP Development, Coors

Nov 16

Business Application of Tipping Point: Karen Stephenson, Ph.D., and Author

Feb 27

Eight Global Trends Shaping Future: Mary O'Hara-Deveraux, Ph.D. and Author

March 28

Don't Be an Ostrich: Avian Flu Planning: Robert Cox, MD., Lawrence Scicluna, Ball Corporation

April 20

Brand from the Inside: Libby Sartain, Manpower

June 13

Newest Thinking on Enterprise Issues & Challenges: David Ulrich

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