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HR People + Strategy Five Pillars of Knowledge

Nominations for our 2018.19 Pillar Awards begin October 15, 2018.  For more information and the nomination form, please click here.

The following five knowledge areas are those HR People & Strategy believes are the most critical and strategic to HRM and HR best practices. HRPS has identified these pillars of knowledge through extensive research on human resources management and organizational development. These five areas drive the content and outcomes of all HRPS educational activities, from conferences to webcasts to content in the People  + Strategy journal.

Building a Strategic HR Function

Enhancing the impact of the profession:

  • Ensuring functional excellence within the human resources organization
  • Maximizing HR’s impact
  • Validating HR’s effectiveness
  • Solidifying HR’s perception and reputation
  • Developing solid measurement and reporting tools

HR Strategy & Planning

Ensuring excellence in human capital management:

  • Aligning business and HR planning
  • Linking business strategy and HR strategy
  • Involving HR in corporate governance and decision making
  • Contributing to corporate social responsibility

Leadership Development

Impacting leadership skills and attitudes individually and collectively:

  • Acquiring, motivating, training and developing leaders
  • Planning for leadership succession
  • Providing diverse and inclusive functional and organizational leadership

Organizational Effectiveness

Strengthening the organization’s effectiveness in achieving its intended outcomes:

  • Directing culture and organizational change
  • Building a learning culture
  • Implementing organizational design
  • Developing and maintaining intellectual capital
  • Ensuring organizational learning, agility and transformation
  • Managing knowledge

Talent Management

Securing diverse talent to meet the organization’s future needs at all levels, including:

  • Managing talent acquisition
  • Developing retention strategies
  • Driving employee motivation
  • Fostering employee development
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